Five For Friday: 5 Crazy Twitter Products

Twitter is a great service, no doubt about it, but there’s such a thing as taking your passion for Twitter too far. Tweeting at every social function and annoying your friends is one thing, I’ve been guilty of that a few times, but literally wearing your love of twitter on your body is another thing. Most of these products are actually things you can wear plus a piece of useless technology at the end of the list.

It’s Friday, so here’s a fun list of silly products inspired by Twitter to enjoy as you start your weekend. Don’t be attending any parties this weekend while wearing any of these products though, they will not go over well.

Twitter Sneakers

Yes, Twitter-branded shoes. But these aren’t just any shoes, they are Nike high tops so there is actually a bit of a cool factor to them. Of all the products on this list, these shoes are something I might actually buy. If you’re a social media addict these shoes are awesome but I’m sure they’d look ridiculous to anyone else. They were independently made by a young sneaker designer and sold in limited quantities.

Where to buy: No longer available
How much: $200-$250

Twitter Tie

You’ve got your Twitter sneakers for casual wear and now you need something for the office. Well here’s a Twitter tie! The website that sells them actually has a few different designs. Let your coworkers know how cool you are on the Internet by proudly wearing this around your collar. Actually it might look cool if you were a young, hip intern working in Silicon Valley but anywhere else you might get a few raised eyebrows.

Where to buy: Zazzle
How much: $29.95

Twitter Stockings
And now, something for the ladies. From casual, to geeky, to sexy there’s Twitter stockings! Maybe Twitter would seem cool to people if more women walked around in these. At least if you meet a girl wearing them you know you could ask for her Twitter handle instead of her phone number without her thinking you’re lame.

Where to buy: Etsy
How much: $18

Rambler: Auto-Tweeting Shoes

Here’s a something you can wear that actually tweets for you. In fact, it tweets every single step you take. Chalk this up to being the most useless product ever made, but the creators know this. It’s an ironic piece of social commentary, as the creators feel that we’ve become too obsessed with microblogging. They might have something there.

It was a vanity project that I don’t think has ever been sold to the public, but if you want to read more about it you can go here: Popkalab

Peek: A Dedicated Twitter Mobile Device

The world’s first dedicated Twitter device… but the question is does the world actually need one? It literally doesn’t do anything else and comes at an incredibly steep price tag. With the demand these days for our gadgets to do perform every imaginable function there’s no market for a dedicated Twitter device. What were these guys thinking?!

Where to buy: Amazon
How much: $100 for 6 months of service. $200 for lifetime service.

So, would you buy any of these items? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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